...is an exclusive international business community building health spa networks in teams
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The overview plan for the administrative centre for the Healing Wing is a group of buildings on approximately 200 acres of land in a natural setting with bountiful, organic gardens.

The mandate of the community is to provide a healing environment, training and funding solutions for supporting teams of people who are interested in generating, masterminding and developing ideas that enhance planet earth and its inhabitants.

We gather like-minded people together for the first project through The Abundance Club Health Spa Network. Qualified members of the club will have first notification of shares being sold in the private corporations to be set up for the Healing Wing as we launch each segment. Members are under no obligation to purchase shares.

The building of the Healing Wing project is broken down into ten basic categories:
  1. health spa and gymnasium,
  2. communication and research centre,
  3. workshop and seminar space,
  4. treatment rooms for integrative healing techniques,
  5. entrepreneurial centre and gift shop
  6. large kitchen and dining area where people can meet and share diverse cuisine,
  7. mastermind centre with temporary lodgings,
  8. administrative centre,
  9. empowerment centres to celebrate healing from issues of human abuse such as...
    • poverty
    • racism
    • sexism
    • addiction
    • dysfunctional relationships
    • lack of physical health
    • creative blocks
    • environmental apathy
  10. temporary shelters for...
    • animals
    • children
    • youth
    • adults
    • seniors
Contact me, Alice Hawke at 416-907-4239 or 705-437-1577, Skype: cre8ive90 or email.